05.2018: How we tell about the companies through the advertorial

Halfway between the advertising page and the editorial, the advertorial is a fundamental tool to give voice to the companies through the media, and which allows to expand the narration on the brand and its products, arranging texts and images, giving the reader clear, direct and exhaustive information.
In recent months we have worked closely with the editors of Domus and DDn to create pages presenting respectively Craft 2.0

, 2018 new collection by Novello, and an institutional profile of Arredo3.
For Novello, as it is a product review, we have focused the texts on materials and design. For Arredo3, on the other hand, we thought of a piece that traced in a few and flowing lines a profile of the company through its most significant performances, assigning to the images the task of illustrating the most recent kitchen productions.
What was published in Domus in April and DDn in May in the images.