07.2016: A new, exciting website has come for Casa del Grivò with the Summer Solstice

It may have been Tony’s capability to transmit the passion he put, with Paola and many friends, into first building their own house starting from a crumbling rustic, and then a B&B which has no equal in the area; it may have been the beauty of the images which gives back the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the rooms, gardens, terraces, vegetable gardens and wine cellars; or again the fragrances of the stump placed on the huge “fogolar” that mixed up with the smell from the kitchen that time when “the master of the house” offered us the lunch to let fully appreciated the fascination of the environment…

It is sure that eventually, after a great deal of work, we all are very satisfied with the new website of Casa del Grivò, that is now online. Beginning with the choice of the topics, going through the decision of the template on WordPress and the cut of the pictures, ending up with the insertion of the contents, we really bended over backwards for the success of this job.
You can take the first virtual look at www.casadelgrivo.com and we invite you to visit it in Faedis.