07.2015: A news that journalists must know about: Calix by Novello is already on their desk

Each time our clients launch new products on the market we start getting excited about discovering their unique technical and aesthetic features that are the outcome of months of research by the company and by its partners. Direct interaction with the client, studying the collection’s catalogue and folder, sorting the various photos available: all these activities are part of a fundamental analytic phase during which the press kit CD, that we then distribute to journalists, takes shape.
This is what we did for the latest Novello bathroom furniture model called Calix. Starting from the cover of the CD, we highlighted the unusual goblet shape of the washbasin that

distinguishes the collection and gives it its name. To set off the design, in our press release we underlined the simple elegance of the units, their versatility and the range of finishes available to create stylish and functional bathrooms for relaxing moments every day. In addition to this, the PDF file of the catalogue has been added to the press kit as well as a vast selection of images to allow journalists to take stock of all the product’s details and to choose the most significant photos or those that best suit specific editorial topics.
We have just recently sent the press kits to our contacts of the main on and off-line press specialised in furniture and bathrooms, and the feedback we are receiving from our recalls is proof of the extremely positive and interested reaction this material has produced from journalists.