01.2016: Design Talking: Architect Stefano Cavazzana and his collaboration with Zampieri

CLAUDIA OVAN: Good morning Stefano. Quite a few years have gone by since you designed your first kitchen for Zampieri. Can you tell us how this collaboration started?
STEFANO CAVAZZANA: I met Paolo Zampieri – the owner – in 2002. A year later I showed him my project for the Axis kitchen, one of the first to have handle-less doors. It was so successful that it is still being produced today. I think I am lucky to work with Zampieri because it isn’t easy to design kitchens and I have learnt a lot in these past years.
CO: XP is Zampieri’s latest model. What concept did you want to express with this kitchen and what makes it stand out from the rest?
SC: XP was born from the desire to offer customers a framed door with a contemporary design. This is why we designed a frame that can house a panel with various finishes ranging

from wood to glass, Laminam, lacquer and laminate.
CO: What is the role of technology in the concept underlying XP?
SC: An undoubtedly important role.
CO: What features must a kitchen have and what are the mandatory design criteria?
SC: Technology and research into materials have a fundamental role as has design, functionality and comfort, because a kitchen is not just a workplace, it is also a room where people like t meet and spend time together.
CO: Which is the model you are most fond of, and why?
SC: By nature I do not become fond of a particular model for a long time because I always think the next one will be even more interesting. That said, I would choose XP at the moment because it was a complex project and it has lots of potential. In fact, we are now looking into the possibility of extending it to the living room area.