09.2017: Design Talking: Dossofiorito and its collaboration with Zilio A&C

Claudia Ovan: Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo, in a word: Studio Dossofiorito. For the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile you launched Etta, a very original furniture by Zilio A&C: how did you meet and choose?
Dossofiorito: The designer Tomoko Azumi, who collaborated many times with Zilio, presented us during the previous edition of the Salone. We talked a bit and we liked each other. A few months later Carlo Zilio proposed us to do something together.

CO: How much do you feel free to design nowadays? Are there any areas or contexts that allow this more?
D: A project is never disconnected from constraints (budgets, materials, production techniques, etc.). A successful project is where one can create something interesting and beautiful within the limits of the project itself.
We believe that self-production today represents a major design path, because even though there are strong constraints for the budget and the production techniques employed, it is possible to carry out experimental projects that are not necessarily conditioned by market laws.

CO: What materials offer you the best design flexibility, where comfort and functionality are essential features?
D: We like to work with natural materials, but we do not believe there is one material that can offer design flexibility,

or comfort, or functionality in itself more than another. It depends every time on the project and the processing techniques.

CO: is it possible to make design be democratic? If so, how?
D: An attitude towards democracy and creating the best for many is in Design’s DNA. If, however, today with democratic, we mean low-cost design, we are completely out of the way! If we talk about product design, we believe that an object, besides being beautiful and functional, must be made from adequately paid workforce, with low environmental impact materials and processes and, above all, it must be designed and built to last over time. Obviously all this has a cost that reflects in the final price to the consumer! But we believe that a product is more democratically produced in such a way than a “disposable” object. Perhaps more than Design what should change consumer’s attitudes (buy less, but buy better), the only ones able to influence market and industry.

CO: Is there a thread that matches your creations, to be found also in Etta, the product designed for Zilio A&C?
D: Many of our projects are playful or involve the user actively. We also think it is the case with Etta.

CO: What do you see in the near future of your business?
D: We are in an important stage of research for long-term projects.