07.2017: Scandola’s brand identity: different media, same vision.

How can a company be effective and interesting in telling itself?
We dealt with various communication activities for Scandola since years, through the press office, the media planning, curating the social profiles, preparing graphics and newsletter texts, periodically updating the news section of the website.
A series of actions that let the company be more and more prominent in the furniture and interior design world, reaching a broader audience from time to time.
Our in-depth knowledge of the company and our regular contact with it allowed us to communicate more effectively online and offline its identity, addressing both to its target audience and the stakeholder network. This is especially the case when it comes to presenting a novelty.

A few months ago Scandola launched the new Maestrale Notte collection. We have been active on several fronts, realizing a CD with the press kit and sending it to our press contacts, planning the advertising pages, creating the layout for a newsletter and writing a news for the corporate website.
So Scandola’s corporate identity enhanced not only in the visual aspects that characterize it, but above all in spreading the intrinsic values of the company, its mission and everything that makes it unique and distinct in a market more and more complex and dynamic.