11.2015: A solid relationship based or mutual esteem: Architect Gian Vittorio Plazzogna talks about his collaboration with Novello

\r\nCLAUDIA OVAN: Good day to you Gianni. Your professional relationship with Novello has been going on for quite a few years now, but how did it start?\r\nGIAN VITTORIO PLAZZOGNA: Thanks to a mutual friend who used to be responsible for the company’s public relations. Francesco Novello and I immediately understood we were on the same design wavelength. This understanding has grown in time and is still continuing with his three sons who have been managing the company in recent years.\r\nCO: What must be kept in mind when designing bathroom furniture?\r\nGVP: Above all, the space available: bathrooms are often quite small and full of obstacles (sanitary ware, drains, radiators) which makes the task of turning them into creative, customised spaces quite daunting. On top of this, the materials used must be resistant to continuous changes in temperature and to humidity.\r\nCO: Which materials offer the best design freedom for a room that must be both comfortable and practical to use?\r\nGVP: Nowadays, lots of materials are suitable for the bathroom. Resins such as Corian and Teknorit have become favourites in recent years because they can be\r\n

\r\nused to make shapes that allow lots of freedom and creativity. But even more commonplace materials such as melamine – that can imitate the textures of genuine timber thanks to 3D effects – have reached very high aesthetic, quality and resistance standards at prices that are decidedly much more competitive than those of their timber counterparts.\r\nCO: Do the collections you have designed for Novello have a common denominator?\r\nGVP: Yes they do: pursuit of a simple, spontaneous, concrete and commercially appealing design that is strongly based on geometric shapes and volumes and is capable of satisfying requests for striking customisations.\r\nCO: Can you briefly describe Calix, the latest bathroom designed by you, for us?\r\nGVP: The name of this collection, Calix, comes from the goblet shape of the Teknorit washbasin that has been specifically designed for this line of bathroom furniture. It consists of simple yet refined units that express formal clarity and with which fascinating and functional rooms can be created. Creativity is expressed through plain or curved doors, slim panels, open units and mirrors with projecting frames. All these details pool together to enhance the volumes of arrangements while conveying a feeling of harmony and lightness.