09.2018: Design Talking: Note Design Studio and its collaboration with Zilio A&C

CLAUDIA OVAN: After Pur’s great success, you’re partnership with Zilio A&C has continued this year with the launch of Arkad.  What are the distinguishing features of the company that led you to choose each other again?
NOTE DESIGN STUDIO: At Note we choose our collaborations with our hearts and working with Zilio A&C is nothing but joyful. Their tireless efforts in materializing our ideas is what drives us to work with them.

CO: Is there a common thread that unites the collections you designed for Zilio A&C to other products you signed?

Our design studio is multidisciplinary and we prefer to work in teams and design products with a particular spacial environment in mind. Thinking big within a framework if you will. In the case of Arkad we designed it for a fashion retail space in the center of Stockholm that we are designing. Perhaps that is a common thread with our work. The ideas often comes from spatial experiences that we are either working on or are inspired by.

CO: This year you achieved several important projects, which have also been awarded, such as the design of the evocative stand of a renowned company at the Salone del Mobile. What are the values that you recognize in Italian furniture, which lead you to collaborate with Italian companies?

NDS: We see ourselves as world citizens and working with design around the globe has always been a goal for us. A lot of companies out there claim to work with, or create, the best products, the best comfort, the best materials etc. Working with Italian companies we have never had to doubt that for a second. It’s something in the Italian dna I guess. 🙂 

CO: Scandinavian design is taking new routes today, what is yours?

NDS: Since we don’t really consider ourselves to be traditional, Scandinavian designers I think we are considered

as challengers of the minimalistic aesthetics that Scandinavian design is famous for. We are inspired by objects and architecture that are challenging, expressive and thought evoking in some way.

CO: Do you think that design is still based on national schools or the trend is to go towards a style that we could define as international?

A trend is a collective behavior that fades rather quickly. A design trend is something that lasts even shorter. We are aware of the fact of trends but do not subordinate it. Design is all about humans, cultures and communication that is what attracts us. We listen to needs, find a solution and package it into something that didn’t exist before. We are of course children of our time and social medias are influencing our design world as well. The hard work is to find expressions that is unique and strong enough to create trends rather than follow them.

CO: Can design be democratic? If yes, how?

The design process can be democratic. Ten years ago the social media became a truly democratic arena for design where someone with a unique expression could get the attention needed to make a name for oneself. A way for new designers to challenge the more traditional and renowned names in the design business. Democratic design however is something else and the easy answer is no. However, designing for a client that is democratically elected could of course be described as democratic. It’s paid for by taxpayers and invested in the citizens.

CO: What do you see in your near future?

NDS: Our studio is an ever evolving entity and there is no way to foresee exactly what we will do in a longer perspective. In a shorter perspective however we are excited to having a couple of new talents in the studio, a few interesting nominations, welcoming a couple of new global brand clients and of course following up recent successes with our existing clients.