06.2019: Il Giardino di Corten more and more social

Two are the fronts on which the social strategy that we developed for Il Giardino di Corten essentially acts: on the one hand that of the product, to enhance the items in the catalog and lead the public to the e-commerce, and on the other that of the company, recounting the many activities that see it as a protagonist.

We decided to convey our marketing action on Facebook and Instagram, as these platforms allow us to give ample space to images. In the posts we alternate with the shots provided by the company, images inserted in frames specially created to enhance the essential design of the products and the chromatism of the corten, a material that fully identifies the brand.

Furthermore, by choosing different publication formats, we make the contents more dynamic: the photos alternate with videos and graphics, to communicate in a different way with the public and stimulate the engagement.

An important space is also given to events, with the publication of live images or ad hoc services. Whether it is an international fair, an exhibition of the Fuorisalone or a collaboration with an artist, special initiatives and projects find an ideal communication channel in the social world.

Thanks to this mix, the likes of the Il Giardino di Corten’s posts are constantly growing, the fan base is increasing and with it the company’s business opportunities.