07.2019: Design Talking: TA Design Studio and its collaboration with Zilio A&C

CLAUDIA OVAN: TA Design Studio, alias Chung-yen Chang and Tian Jin, started a new parternship with Zilio A&C in 2019, from which a new collection has born. With its essential and enveloping design, Hug mixes classic and contemporary in a perfect blend. How did the idea for this product has been developed?
TA DESIGN STUDIO: A chair is one of the most important items that gives a unique identity to a space. Our background and international experiences placed us in the junctional point of different cultures. We wanted to design a chair that can be placed freely in universal contexts. We looked back at traditional Chinese and western chair typologies, and designed a chair that blends two cultures and aesthetics. In the end, we are satisfied with what Hug chair has achieved.

CO: How did your passion for design come about?
TADS: Every individual has his or her own way to express, no matter through music, writing or painting. Design is our way to communicate with the public and express ourselves. We are fascinated by the beautiful and meaningful things that we found in everyday life. As designers, we are pleased to share our point of view and make the world a little better. That is where our design passion come from, and it keeps us to create more objects, spaces or experiences.

CO: What is your main source of inspiration?
TADS: Our inspirations come from everywhere. We appreciate the beautiful things in our lives no matter the subject is architecture, an object or merely a phenomenon. We are also keen to find the difference between eastern and western perspectives. It is interesting to observe what do people perceive, and how do they interact differently in different contexts. Such difference is a threshold which generates more ideas and possibilities.

CO: Why did you choose to base your studio in Milan?
TADS: One of the main reasons is that both of us had studied and worked in Milan. We were certainly attracted by the world-famous Italian design culture in the first place and living in Milan we have experienced the dynamic of the city, participated design events, getting involved in design and art community here. We believe that Milan is the best place to locate our studio in order to keep aligned with the latest trends, and constantly get inspired and connect with the world.

CO: Is it possible to make design democratic? If yes, how?
TADS: We are living in the era of globalization and cultural contamination, with the help of internet design will certainly be more democratic. Cross-over and collaboration are commonly seen nowadays. Any individual can freely express himself/herself through design regardless of his professionally different background. That’s very different from the past. Before, a designer was considered as a profession, and now it is more likely a way to see the world. However, democratic design is another case. It is rather utopian for design being truly democratic because it belongs to an eco-system that involves a lot of activities. Therefore, we think while design is inevitably becoming more democratic today, what does a good designer should pay more consideration about is their social responsibility.

CO: What do you see in your studio near future?
TADS: TA design studio is officially established in 2018. We are currently working on a range of projects including furniture design, product design, interior design, and exhibitions. From a long-term perspective we wish it will become a multi-disciplinary studio that implies our design philosophy in different fields. From the short-term perspective, recently we are collaborating with some international clients from different design sectors. Hopefully, we can share the results with the public soon.