05.2017: Our long-running collaboration with Arper? A matter of “editing”.

Writing is one of our passions and when we’re handling a job that allows us to test with the Italian language, we are really excited to do it.

Once again, Arper has chosen us to make the Italian version of the texts presented at the last Salone del Mobile, included in the News Catalog 2017, in the Booklets dedicated to Cila and Arcos and in the very short Brief 6, focused on the theme “Together”. With the collaborations of these years we delved into Arper’s philosophy, its products and the features that make it a leading company on international scale.

Our work began with the original English texts written by the American copywriter who has been telling the company’s identity and describing the products for years.

After a former literal translation, the most extensive work of editing began, which led us from a stricter initial text to a more fluid and harmonious version.

Our in-depth knowledge of the world of furnishings and design, as well as its specific vocabulary, was definitely a strength for us. It has also been very important to adapt the different language tones according to the nature of the texts, from technical products description to the concept of “Together”, from interviews to designers to company news.

Once again we noticed that a literal translation is almost never a good translation, and that some editing can make the difference: thanks to Arper for its sensitivity and for renewing our trust in finding a job worthy of their brand awarness.