11.2019: Thank you stylist!

There is a professional figure with whom we get in contact more and more often, because of the watchful eye that only this one has in knowing how to grasp, in the design of the products of some of the companies we work with, that particular something that makes the difference. A profound connoisseur of design and trends who collaborates with the architect or the photographer to give a room a well-defined personality, creating a mood made of colors and details that harmonize into a pleasant and very original one. This is the stylist.
A figure that has become central to the success of a shooting in a journalistic service of a magazine that deals with

furnishing, or for a catalog of products, whether these are furniture or coverings, or even appliances or accessories with the most disparate functions.
And then there are the fairs, where the stands must be “furnished” to better present the proposal of that brand.
It is with great pleasure that here we thank some of these professionals with whom we met, choosing together the articles of our client Zilio A&C that could best fit into their projects: Elisabetta Viganò for Marmo Elite social shots; Studio Salaris for the Marca Corona stand at Cersaie; Bruno Tarsia Studio for the Tommy Hilfiger catalog.
Thanks again to Irene Arescaldino for requesting the stools of Il Giardino di Corten for the Ragno stand, also at the last Cersaie.